Auldey L4 Review

Auldey L4 Review

The L3 was my main throw for some time in the past for me; I like that yoyo so much from many aspect of it. Its light, its fast, has bright color, grind awesome. What I don’t like from it that it has high response wall, make tons of friction with strings and decrease stability greatly.
And after some point, I can’t stand it. And from there, the L3 was no longer my main throw. But I still throw it, and I like the unique feel it has. I once hope that Luo Yi Cheng made improved version of the L3, like what L3 become from L2. So, when I heard about the L4, I had to make a shot.

First Impression

When I receive the L4, it came in large cellophane box, although it’s a great way to make a kind of presentation, it’s kind of waste of space, what inside is only the yoyo, string, a brochure advertising other auldey yoyo, some guidance of some sort written in Chinese, a kind of survey sheet also in Chinese, and very much of decorative material, also a string. I like it, make it hard for me to throw away the box, but it eat up space. Oh well…
The anodizing is great I think, mine has gold to pink fade. The color really pops, bright and dazzling, combined with the media blast made the yoyo has unique looks, shiny, but not wet look shine.
It has no engraving, and I kind of disappointed with that fact, because auldey engraving, like what they have on the virus or L3 is great. But instead of an engraving, it has kind of printed plastic cap like behind the hubstack. It’s not merely a sticker. This is the first time I see a decorative art being placed like this on a yoyo. Well I know yoyojoker has cap near the hubs, but still this yoyo has it all differently in my eyes.

Manufacturer : Auldey
Shape : Butterfly, Angular
Wight (g) : 66 grams with stack / 62 grams without stack
Width (mm) : 41 mm
Diameter (mm) : 54 mm
Gap width (mm) : 4.5 mm
Bearing size : Size C
Gap type : Fixed
Stock response system : Auldey Silicone O ring

Comfort and Tech

When I get the yoyo out, I dazzled, auldey has really step up their game of making yoyos, and the construction of this yoyo is great.
The shape of the yoyo is great I think, it has zero elements on it craft only for esthetic, but it come all too nicely. On the hand, most of angular shape yoyo would feel like a ninja weapon, with sharp catch zone and uncomfortable middle finger rest on the middle of the yoyo. With the L4, it’s all sort of bubbly, sure the fingers rest unevenly, but it rest on my palm with zero aggressiveness.
It has low response wall, and kind of angular shape, but instead of having a straight cut, it has a little bit hourglass-ish shape and little bit raised rims, kind of like superstar. And that’s not all of what make me amazed, on the first segment of the catch zone after the response wall, it has groove up until it has the rims raised. It’s kind of hard to describe how I feel upon inspecting the yoyo, because for some reason, I try to find it’s similarities with other yoyos, like what I did with L3 and Inca. But with this yoyo, it’s hard to do it, make me realize how original it is.
The L4 has no IGR, not even a flat spot inside the rim, IRG is impossible on this yoyo. I don’t mind it, rarely do IRG anyway. It has hubstack, but with different set up with YYF stack. It has an Aquarius size bearing with o ring retainer system. So, still similar with YYF stack system.
What’s found on the response area is what become standard of a modern yoyo, a nicely cut bearing seat and response groove. It has an auldey standard silicone O ring response system and comes with a generic concave bearing, non stainless steel one.

On the Throw
This yoyo plays light and fast, and even lighter and faster without it’s hubstack, but never lost its stability. Despite its weight, it has great stability and spin time. It has low prone to tilting. The low response wall and hourglass-ish H shape construction make friction with the string minimal, even with horizontal style of play. Its stay at an angle for a long time even with a string rub against its halves, so even if I miss a string when in the middle of horizontal play, I have a lot of time to regain my control over it.
The large catch area makes string transfer a breeze, suicide loop nice open because of the low wall. The silicone O rings response work well, it’s little bit grabby at first, but after a few hours of play, it’s just great.
But as many people say, there’s nothing perfect. As for the L4, it lightness sometimes make this yoyo become out of control all too easy. Sometimes I stumbled upon a yoyo that flying too high on a transfer, going too fast at rolls, and kind of things that I thought I should have better control of. But other than that, well, that’s it.
Talk about grind, auldey finishes always been my favorite since the L3, on this yoyo, they double it with grooves; make grind even more and more amazing. Even though it has no IRG, I have nothing to complain about, because, if this yoyo has minuses, the entire plus just compensate for it.
Once in my life, I think that fade anodizing is a joke, I think I can never like it. But when I throw this yoyo, I know why people demand this kind of color way. When it not spinning, spin on different RPM, changing direction, it’s always pops different color. Now I really like it.
Oh, and if you asking about vibe. No, it has no vibe. And about spin time, it has lots of it.

Final Thoughts
I’m amazed, what I must say.
The thing is, auldey that once a bootleg yoyo maker, now has a yoyo to compete against the modern yoyo world. The L4 is a wonderful creation, capable to withstand everything I throw at it, and capable of taking on other great throws. The stability is great, the grind is great, anodizing is great, and its feel is great, even the price is great also. I did not find anything I like to change about this yoyo.
I think there’s come a time when should people stop calling auldey a bootleg maker.


with the L3

awesome review!!! :wink:

where did u get this yoyo???

thanks. i hope you enjoy it.
PM me if you really want to know where to get one.

Dude, I had this yoyo for like half an year already.

:(It’s not that good, it has REALY BAD BINDS! :frowning:

Dude are you Chinese? Jeez, I’m Chinese…these yoyos aren’t meant to be sold outside of mainland China.

By the way, I got the blue and white edition. It came out a few months earlier.

Thanks for the review!

L3 is one of my favourite throws - I’ll be keeping my eyes out for one of these.

yeah, I’s out around 2010 as far as i know, but i just got one recently.
about the binds, mine has great binds, IDK, but i like it.
yeah, the packaging has ‘for sale on chine only’ on them, but i still can get my hands on them. same on the L3. glad it did.

i think that because of the stack and the bearing.

and I’m indonesian BTW… ;D

thanks my friend.
i alike the L3 too, but this one is so much better.
trust me…

Dude, I’m not trying to be offensive here!

About the binds, I guess I just don’t the Audely O-ring response. They wear out pretty quickly on me. When they get thin, doubled with L4’s large gap, yeah, that’s about as bad as a bind is going to be.

What about the bearing seats in your yoyo? Were they really tight as mine were? It took my pilers a lot of time to take them off. And my pliers were HUGE! I did this cause my stock bearings SUCKED!

The hubstack bearings were…I don’t even know how to describe it, kinda nasty.

L4 is not perfect on the details. At least mine wasn’t. I probabaly got a crappy one since crap is REALY common in China. Although L4 does do well when it’s out of my hands and on the string.

Again, no offense intened.

P.S.: Awesome review, I might give another try to “make friends” with my L4.
You know what, you inspired me to write a review on another Audely yoyo.

well, i don’t have any trouble binding the L4.
ad i won’t take it as an offense, but i guess it’s because i play on humid condition, as I believe bring more response to the yoyo.

IDK man, mine was already over a moth old, and the response still on great shape. maybe it’s just me then.

either way, you can try o silicone it. and i clean the bearing on the stack, work awesome now. but at first, yeah, i guess they kinda nasty.

i see you’re review, great job. i got some up too.

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Friends ehh? What u say? :wink: