Buying yoyo

I want to buy a yoyo but i don’t know more knowledge,
Dark Magic or Auldey L3 ?

Audley L3 is an all-metal yoyo that uses a konkave bearing, uses silicone response, has a straight butterfly yoyo design, has hubstacks, has a grind rim and is from china.

  The DM is a partly polycarbonate plastic and partly metal (plastic on inside and metal on rims), uses a standard size c bearing, uses o-ring/starburst response (hybrid response), has a straight rounded yoyo design, does not have stacks, has a grind rim, and is from the US.

in my opinion, even though i have a DM and absolutely love it, i would buy the L3 just because it has (basically) everything a 1a yoyoer would want. Some factors that make me think this is: it is all metal (for good quality), it uses silicone for response (for nice unresponsive play and tight binds), and uses a KK bearing (for even more unresponsive play). I put a KK in my DM and siliconed it, and lubed it, and it is unresponsive, but if you want a good-quality, guaraenteed to be unresponsive yoyo, the L3 is what your looking for.

i agree completely!

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Well put :slight_smile:

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Ok,i will buy a L3…

Just asking.
Where are you buying L3 from?
Most store won’t sell the L3 with the kk and hubstack.
And the kk is a generic stell - that can rust.

I buy in turkish shop site,

if they sell it with the hubstack and KK, just go for it.
L3 is an awesome little yoyo.

They %100 giving hubstacks but giving KK sometimes.I am unlucky.I waiting for cargo.Cargo will came tomorrow.I hope that gives KK.