Audley L3 (Opinions Please)

I got offered a trade of some yoyo’s for an Audley L3 new in a box. I don’t know much about this yoyo, so I figured I’d ask some of you guys to post your opinions. Thanks.

The Audley L3 is from what I’ve heard, a really great yoyo. It’s probably the best bang for buck out there. People really want that yoyo. And I do believe that it is a very good yoyo.

Addment: How much do you have to give for it?

I was sooo close to buying one but then i realized the guy I was buying from lived in Japan…and i had to pay shipping. So as much as i wanted it( and i really wanted it) i had say no.

I have heard nothing but great things about it and I would buy one in a split second if I got the chance. So i like them, i heard that there a knock off of the 888…but its actually better than the 888. Thats what i heard. So i say go for it!

but like Pheenix said, what are you trading for it?

A couple of my Hyper Russells I posted in the trade section. Even trade, not to bad I figured.

That doesen’t sound like a bad deal. Although Hyper Russels are awesome.

I see this often enough that I feel the need to point it out. The company name is actually Auldey, not Audley.

And I don’t even think I need to offer my opinions on the L3 or Auldey in general as I’m sure they’re well known to anyone who’s been here for more than three hours.

Erm… no.


Phew. Finally I know how it’s spelled. I have notcied the difference, but about half the people I talk to say Audley instead of Auldey. Really confusing and really good to know the answer.

When I was trying to see if this was a bootleg, I couldn’t find any proof to this specific yoyo as a bootleg. But still you never know!

Actually, I’m fairly sure the L3 isn’t a bootleg. Doesn’t make the company any more reputable.

What’s a bootleg?

It may not be reputable. But if someone wants one, it least we will have a lighter heart knowing that this one is not a bootleg.

I’d much rather they had the heavy heart of knowing their non-bootleg was made by the exploitation of it’s workers, children included. :wink:

iv got an L3 it arrived in the post today to be honest, yeas auldey as the good doctor points are know for bootlegs and less that good reputation etc!, however this isn’t one! they didn’t design it they just made it for the guy who did (Luo, Yi Cheng, it was for him not sure if he designed it, but hey were just employed to produce it) it is a really good yoyo, im gunna be writing a review of it in a couple of days when i feel iv played with it enough to pass a proper judgment! as for price, i payed £34.49 in GBP im not sure what that equates to in USD with the who economic thing that going on lol! i think its about $45-$50 But dont quote me on that! the website i got it from is (sorry for advertising another site) im pretty sure they do international shipping! but check!

Edit: oh yeah and that website doesn’t sell them with the hubstacks on as they dont want to be braking any rules regarding copyrights etc! they get them with out them on as to avoid this!

i dont no about the L3, buti do have 2 auldeys, stormly eagle and illusion. my bro has a fire diamond and its just as good as a speeder!!! so i’d suggest an auldey.

the L3 is a great yoyo. my friend has got it, i had a little play and it is now on my ‘want list’