Audley L3?

Im looking for a good cheap pocket yoyo and I found the L3. Is it any good and if anybody has any reviews could you please post them. Also, anybody know are the i’s being restocked at yoyonation and where else I could find one?..THANKS :wink:

Anyone? :-\

its just simply awesome that u can make ur main throw also search the forum for auldey l3 and u will find a review ;D

Should I get a L3 or Shinwoo Zen? There both like the same price but I think Im going to get the L3…

If you think you want the L3, then go for it. I’ve had 2 before and they’re great yoyos.

OK anybody know where to find a review for it?

Well it’s a good yoyo so…

It’s small and pointy with hubstacks. If that sounds good to you, then it would be good.

Where do you find them with hubstacks? At yoyonation they didn’t have hubstacks cause they are liscenced by YYF, but I really want them… :-\

i have a review for the shinwoo zen in these forums if you wanna take a look at it, i did it pretty recent so its new  -shinwoo zen

audley l3-,40478.0.html  Sorry for linking to another site… I’ll remove it, but it is a review.

If you want hubstacks, you’ll have to buy it from China or something. US and Europe does not have hubstacks due to infringment on the Yoyofactory Patent. I think…

Wait do I have to get two other bearings to have hubstacks on it? If I do then what size bearing and hubstacks do I get?

You have to have one bearing for each side.

What size?