audley L3

hey guys! just wondering if anyone has an L3 on here? the uk shop i buy most my stuff from has FINALLY got them back in stock! and iv wanted one for a while now but i cant fine a review on one! so i wondering if anyone has one or has played one would they recommend it?
cheers oli

edit: plus im pretty broke lol so £35 is hard to spend haha! but they go out of stock so fast!

I think YomattieT has one. But he has been off the forums for a while. I think it’s because he’s practising for UK nats or something. But the L3s are good. I think Luo Yi Cheng used it to get 4th place in worlds. And it is cheap since it’s made in China where they have a lower production cost. So you get a lot of yoyo for a very small price.

I was planning on getting one from this guy…until i found out he lived in Japan. lol, shipping would have been insane so i said no deal.

But i would recommend it.

its an awesom yoyo
best suicide opener ever!

Every thing I have heard about them is good, I want one. of course I want a lot of yo-yos so maby one day I’ll reach that point in my list. Get one and let me know.

Never played one, but from what I hear, its one of the best bang for your buck yoyos out there nowadays.

iv got a friend that raves bout them all the time and he has lots of problems trying to get hold of one. if you have seen one in stock and you really want it, you should make that investement.
As for the money side of it. i have the same problem but i took the plunge last night and invested in a x-convict.

c you on Thursday

you just want me to get one to annoy katie! lol! but i really want one! can any one give me £35 lol

It is a nice small fast yoyo. I recommend replacing the stock bearing with a normal c sized bearing and siliconing the o-ring grooves.

They play nice and smooth.

Finding a review will be a tough one, as Auldey products can be tough to come by. You can’t compete with them (at least in the US), so lots of folks pass on them. Further, they can’t be legally imported to the US and several other places due to a history of copyright infringement and illegal labor practices. For these reasons alone I’d never recommend them, but that’s more a political issue than a playability rating.

cheers doc! i found a place in the uk that legally imports them! but they dont have the hubstacks due to copy write infringements! which is no biggie! i can get then later! im gunna go for it! every one keeps sayin in plays awesome! thats good for me lol!

edit: i think we can let this thread die now iv ordered one lol! cheers for the help guys!

when did you order it then?
What has Katie said???

my nan bought it me! lol! she said i needed cheering up after my car just costing me like £160 to fix lol! iv not told her yet! haha!

edit: like i said let this thread die now! il write a review when i get it!

Back on topic, I have 2 of them. They both play amazingly well. Unbelievably smooth and very fast. I doubt that I will sell or trade mine, but I might sometime. It’s a keeper,40478.0.html
… Only one I can find.

But they seem to be the best deal and player right now, I’d advise getting it now and not waiting.

You kind of just bumped the topic to bring it back on topic…

Yeah sorry. I did a search and then I forgot to look at the date. Sorry about that.

I didn’t notice that…