L3 by Auldey

Does anyone know where I can get an L3 other than ebay? I am extremely interested in this yoyo… the only problem is that my mom is not too keen about ebay and thus I cannot buy it from there.

Due to patent and copyright issues, I think that Auldey products are not available for purchase here in the States. If you go to a store overseas though, you should be able to find one, but you will pay a premium in shipping.

Sadly, they will only be sold in China. I got a Audley Sonic Dragon there. I did not know that they had anything better until I found out here. But, yeah like dryoyo said, they are only in China. Or in other bootleg places.

there only sold in asia :-[ but my dad is in pakistan so he’s getting me two blazing teens! ;D ;D ;D ;D

Blazing teens are really bad. No offense. I have one. and http://www.euro-yo.com/acatalog/L3.html there is one but they are sold out. I guess you have to wait for a new shipment.


does Euro-Yo ship to the U.S. at all?

I think so…