Auldey copies so many yoyos…

yup…man they suck…

Guys, I heard that AUldey have been making yo-yo’s that aren’t bootlegs. The thing is, those yo-yo’s you saw were to advertise a TV show called Blazing Teens. Auldey probably made those bootlegs because they had to come up with something before the show came on. We had this discussion before and André even said to leave them alone. I think he also said that they are now making their own designs. EG: the L3 was based off the L2 but a little bit different for Luo-Yi-Cheng

Yes, Auldey does make yoyos that is not any kind of bootleg. But you have to remember that Auldey does ship their yoyos out of China with hubstacks and ConCave (note name difference) bearings. Both of these are patented by YYF and Dif-E-Yo (respectively) and I doubt that Auldey ships this with permission.

Addment: This is no puzzle, just don’t buy their yoyos, it’s not good for the community.

i saw the box of L3.
it has the image of luo yi cheng.
it is cheap.

Cheap in play? Or cheap in price?

Because in my opinion, it is not cheap in play at all.

Cheap in price. :slight_smile:


How’s the quality? Although they are bootleggin off others, I heard the L3 has some quality problems…

There actually isn’t much wrong with them.


That post was from 2007 - very old news.

Any reason to bring up boot legs? I think we have discussed this enough.

Sorry to be disagreeing with Andre Boulay,but L3s aren’t really bootlegs…

I think he means bootlegs as in the Blazing Teens ones.

Is there any way to stop them? At least from shipping to the US.

By the Way, are their stacks really bootlegs? It’s pointy at the end right? Not like YYFs…

are the makers of bootleg’s and other products that they faked (clothing’s, gadgets etc.)
can’t be in prison? i saw SO MANY china nokia mobile phone’s here and nike, converse, adidas & many more, copy
the patented logo of the original copies?, you’ll get confused which is the original or not.