Auldey L3 - a review

Hi all! This is my first review so il try my best! haha!

Firstly, lets get the political stuff out of the way as like the title says this is a review, a review purely on the yoyo not on auldeys reputation. As many of you know auldey have had a history of bootlegging yoyos, i know that Andre has felt the brunt of their bootleg yoyos and i know that many of you if not all of you agree with me that bootlegging is wrong and somewhat puts a big ding in the rim of our yoyo world! enough of that, on to the yoyo

I am glad to say that this yoyo is not a bootleg it has been designed by Luo Yi-cheng designer of the L2 hence the name L3 (it was simply produced y auldey for him) and was used by him to get 4th place in 1A at the 2008 world contest.

Weight - 62.5g
Diameter - 52.5mm
Width - 37mm
Gab - Fixed
Response - silicone O-Ring Response
Bearing - Large Bearing (6x13x5, i think its probably the same size as YYJ Big Bearing)
Price - £35 (GBP)

Looks: (with pictures)
In my opinion, this yoyo looks pretty awesome, i love the green and orange combo, and i love the little chinese style graphics on the rims and sides of the yoyo. But every one has different ideas of what looks good in a yo, so judge for yourself!

Now you my notice from the pics that there are no hubstacks or KK bearings on it, this is because the store i got it from ( buys the yoyos with out theses so that they dont infringe upon any copyrights that other companies have like YYF on the hubs. for this i thank them, i feel they are being responsible and not helping the rise of bootlegs. Saying that you can buy hubstacks and put them on it as i will be doing, but as i will be buying YYF ones its ok lol

First throw:

Before i threw this yo i was unsure id like it, its pretty small and light for my gorilla like hands but then i actually threw it and i didn’t think it was spinning, is so darn quiet! (for this reason alone my girlfriend loves this yoyo lol) i had to lift the yo right next to my ear and all i could hear was a quiet wooosh as it spun through the air! even when you put string into the gap and move it against the sides, you would normally hear the dredded whine of the string agains the side if the yoyo, but not with this! The finnish on this is so smooth it doesnt make a difference! I also noticed how wobble free it was! not a wobble insight! At first this yoyo was far to responsive for my liking, but after about an hour or two of solid play the bearing broke itslef in and now its perfect, for unresponsive play most of us crave!

Spin time:
iv had about 1:45-2:00 mins so far but im sure it can give much more! (i only get 2 mins out of my DM) so its my throw im sure, not he yoyo


For string tricks this yoyo is joys to play with, smooth and sits perfectly on the sting (like i said before the finnish on it allows you to accidentally touch the string with the yoyo with out is slowing down.) this finnish is so so so so smooth like i keep saying. for grinds it is perfect! iv manages to get a four second finger grind with ease! it feels like a greased up monkey on a slip ‘n’ slide! its just perfect! thumb grinds are a blast with it to dues to the big rims! and iv managed to pick it up by the sides whilst is still spinning sideways turn it so its spinning forwards. The gap in nice and wide, iv manages not only a double on trapeze but a quadruple with ease! im not quite good enough for ladder escape etc yet but im getting there and with this yoyo im sure il be able to. it bounces form dtring to string with no problems and just keeps spinning! I would highly recomend this yoyo! for inters to experts!

I think thats about all im gunna say! like i said its my first review and i tryed my best, hope you liked it. lol! and like i said this review was about the yoyo not politics! so please dont carry on about them! lol

Spin on!!

p.s sorry for any spelling or grammatical errors in this review lol!

oh and if if wrote audley not auldey anywhere im sorry lol! easy mistake to make!

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Good review. The shape looks like the meteor!

Great review

and yup it really is almost like a 888 and meteor

How can you compare those two? From my point of view, they are completely different from eachother (shapewise). I think it looks like Meteor. It has a sharp shape.

Addment: The colour combo reminds me of Christmas.

i would have to agree it has a similar shape to the meteor, however i would disagree with the similarity with the 888

great review mate. iv used it and i fully agree wiv everything said.

I also used an L3 before, it was very good.
i really recommend it to people who likes suicides, it is PREFECT just PERFECT for suicides, u cant miss one

i agree with everything u explained there

but it might be me, but i think the spiun time is not TOO great, somewhat like the 888, u need to do ur tricks fairly fast because it runs out of spin quicker that some other yoyos,(which means not recommended for people learning long tricks like octopus)

but over all, i friggin love it
Olitizze, try suicides with it! :wink:


Great review, I never seen that yoyo before.

Happy Throwing! =]

yeah it means fake yoyos, they have been known for copying other companies designs and callin them something else, its all to do with the copyright laws in china, that why they get away with it, however like i said this is not a bootleg.

and GaryLI, i have just had a go and yeah its awesome for suicides! lol nice big loops open up!

I want one of these so bad!!! and the hubstacks+ a kk bearing would be even better (for me at least)!

I have a brand new in box one on the way from China as we speak. Got it in a trade, so I’ll chime in on how it play when I get it.

yeah i would for me as well! haha! but like i said we gotta give props for not selling stuff like the hubs and kks that auldey dont have wrights to!

saying that, didi the L2 have hubs on that Luo Yi-cheng also designed, i think it did, not sure if that makes it ok for them to be sold on this yo! hmmm! not sure if YYF gave them the writes for that yoyo either.