Auldey L4 Test.

The L4, aka Luminous in Blazing Teens, is an awesome yoyo. Give Auldey a chance to make these kind of yoyos! Really smooth!
Played stock with only a washed bearing. Tricks are totally random lol.

Kai that was awesome, keep it up. How does the L4 play in comparison to the L3? I totally dig my L3.

Well. Hard to say haha cos i don’t own an L3.
So far the L4 plays very much like the L3, fast and smooth, this time its more stable. Really. Grinding is much more awesome now due to the grooved inner body like the one drop yoyos and beadblasting. Auldey still very much retained their o-rings, not silicon rings on the L4. There are hubstacks and they’re really cool. So far, I can say that the L4 is really, really awesome to play with. Just needs washing of the bearing and replacing of the o-rings with k-pads or something. Not sure of the response size. It comes with a kk bearing btw. Definitely worth it’s price. Lol.

that was cool bro where did u get it from and how much did it cost ?

Erm… I can’t exactly tell you how much cos I’m from Singapore and you’re from Egypt…
I got it from a shopping centre here… Costs about SGD80. Check the currency rates.

i dont wanna say this but u got ripped off i will PM u some thing ok :slight_smile:

That was great. I saw an L4 a while ago and thought it was pretty cool, but didn’t really look into it. I might go and check it out now. :slight_smile: