Audley L4

I was thinking of buying a Audley L4 but i would like if anyone hu has one to tell me how they play plz

Thanks, Luke

I have neither seen nor heard of any yoyo called an L4.

Neither have I.

If you meant an L3, it’s a good yoyo. If you think you’ll like it and you have the money, go for it.

to apetrunk & icthus,

google the name ‘auldey luminous’.it’s sold @ another yoyo store

Not finding anything. But this “luminous” is not the same as calling it the “L4.”

The L4 is the luminous.
Luo Yi Chengs signature yoyo.

They go by 2 names.

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Luminous angel
It’s a blazing teens yoyo

And it’s $14.

It’s Auldey’s design. Not Luo’s.
And it isn’t called L4.

There is an Audley (sp?) L4 and I believe there are a small amount of them being released outside China. :slight_smile:

Actually. It is Luo’s design.
Taken right from the source, its his own design and the following to the L3.
Also known as the L4.


ok, if you say so, you can believe that.

but it isn’t.
just because it’s typed up on a website doesn’t make it true.
consider that white water said himself it’s Auldey’s design.
And there’s no wording of “L4” anywhere on the package or name.

and why are you making money off reselling aodas for double

if you wanna know whose signature yo-yo it is.
It’s the character on the box.

well i just want to know if anyone tinks its good ill send you the link to the website if you want

I got my info from some who were at worlds and got to check it out. Apparently they were told it was the L4 as well as Luminous. I am just echoing what I have heard from those who were there.

Plus, the site that has them advertises them as the L4 and they talked to Luo himself about it for info at Worlds.

As for the ones I sold. A relative got me a bunch and I didn’t need them all. Is that so wrong?


Well Luo Yi-Cheng is sponsored by Audley… So I don’t think there’d be any issues there… And… Damn it looks good. $14? Gotta go find one already… :stuck_out_tongue:

Its called L4 and Luminous because of the Series “L” like Night Moves or Shockwave. It began with an unnamed proto (L) then to the L2 (similar to hurricane) L3 and then L4 ( luminous)

can u link the site or message me it please