[Pics]L4 by Luo Yicheng, released soon, declaration

Hello yoyo players and designers:

This is Yicheng Luo, the designer of L2 and L3. I haven't launched L4 since I designed L3 in 2008.(the"L4"saled on YOYOGUY is not my design, they made a mistake) .

Even though I faced to some problems, the L4 had been designed after 2010 WYYC. We improved the sample 4 times, than the final design was confirmed in February this year. Because of the confidentiality agreement with AULDEY, my new design must be kept secret before it can be launched officially.

But today I saw the new yoyo put sold by YYF, to my surprise, the profile of this yoyo and L4 look almost the same. Maybe we yoyo players think alike?

For avoiding being considered plagiarism, I asked for permission from my company, and published the profile picture of L4 here. I wish you could understand and expect L4 to be released .


PS: I am a friend of Yicheng, translated his thread and post it here. He couldn’t do it himself right then due to the Internet condition. Please help me if there is any bad grammar, or if there are better words to replace, and maybe post this threads on other websites. Thank you!

This is goin to ma blog once blogger is fixed just to clear things up :wink:

This just goes to show who made the Avant Garde, LOL. Doesn’t really matter though. I like it. Looks better than the L3 for sure.


I don’t think you will have to worry too much about that, and i’m very sure you are right about players thinking alike. Few months back late last year when a friend of mind decided to study precision engeneering to set up a yoyo brand in future, i started designing some concepts for him and one of which looks just like the L4/Avnt garde. So when yyf released their pics i was abit sad and decided to do remodeling to avoid plagerism.

Im sure back then, there are also many people who came up with that similar design and it was just a matter of who had access to the proper machines and all. I also saw another thread on another forum compairing the Avant garde to a yoyo released by 3yo3 which is ALSO very similar.

As yoyo players serch for new shapes to try out, im sure many will bump into similar ideas, like how there are many H-shape yoyos in the market now. So rest assured, besides, the L4 looks fantastic!

I love the look of this yoyo.
My question simply is what is the exact differences between the Audley L4 and the YYF Avant Garde?

I’m kinda looking forward to this one. I havent Tried and Audley yet and Im a pretty big YYF Fan, so Id love to see the differences. if there is enough I’ll have no problem getting both to compare.

Yet again YYF bougt another chinese yoyo design… theyve done it with Aoda, now there doing with Auldey…

I tried a L4 Prototype at worlds and it was AMAZING. Plays better than any yyf for sure.

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Thats not true, did you read what takuto said? > >

well, i’m so late about this, I think I need to edit my review about the luminous.

and this would made me wait some more to really have an L4.

When will it be released?? ???

dude i cant believe you would copy off of th avarte grande like that. Thats just sad

Get out of this thread you freaking little dweeb.

Did you bother to read any of it?

Luo was saying that this yoyo design was made before the avante garde and he wanted to post pics of his design so that people would know that his company IS NOT copying YYF.

Read the thread, gosh I can’t stand people who do this.



His favorite form of literature is probably a picture book.

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^ I lul’d.