Marcus Koh... Leaves Turning Point

My gosh, I recently just found out about this!

Does anyone know the store behind this?

And why he joined Audley over Turning point?

That BLOWS my mind completely!

It’s his decision

But I think that its crazy too.

Just another episode in as the world turns.
The sun will still rise tomorrow. :wink:

So, do you guy know anything about it at all?
I’m all confused!
His Fb page and the TURNINGPOINT MK shirts
And all that!

Wouldn’t that be “As The Throw Spins”?

Is that syndicated or do I need cable or satellite to watch it?

His Ares yoyo with Auldey is sweet. He was showing it off at Worlds. I think he owns the MK logo. They are his initials and he was still wearing it at Worlds.

Thus is true.
But he has a FB page for Turning point
Called TurningPointMK what’s he gonna do to that?

He made it. He can abandon it if he so chooses. That’s why I always recommend never “self branding” yourself like that. Keep your options open. But, Facebook is free, so make a new page.

Marcus said that he supports Auldey a whole lot and they’ve been nothing but good to him. But Marcus also stated that though he’s now sponsored by Auldey, he is still be selling Turning Point yoyos. I’m sure whoever approached him at Worlds can say so.

Regardless of his sponsorship switch, Marcus is still Marcus. As long as he’s doing what he loves to do, that’s all what should matter. Plus, it’s time for us to open our eyes and recognize that Auldey is not just some company that sells knockoffs. His presence is good for the brand.

Anyway, I have heard lots of good things about the Ares, his new signature throw, though. Has anyone tried it?

It makes sense to go with the bigger brand that actively promotes yoyos in the country / region where you live.

If his goal is to promote yoyoing, you can’t fault his decision.

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I tried his yoyo at worlds and it was amazing felt just like a turning point yoyo, lol, but the price point is much better at $120

Auldey for 120$? ??? Good luck selling these.

Ahh that’s a Good call then!

And I never thought they were a knock off brand!

And I’d love to try an Ares haha!

Someone saying something like that is so expected :stuck_out_tongue: Auldey also made a 349$ titanium throw, it sold out pretty quickly.

Seems a bit high for Audley, but now that they are making waves with the 2nd place person at Worlds 2012(and the 2011 winner), it seems a good time to step up their game with a premium yoyo. At $120, it’s very high compared to Audley’s typical product offerings. We’ve also become quite used to the fact that the champs typically come out throwing stuff $140 and above for the most part.

$120 ain’t bad. I am not sure if I personally want to spend that on this model, but I haven’t seen it so I don’t know if it’s something I would be interested in having. I was also not interested in the Positron.

Regarding the “knock-off brands”: There’s a lot of controversy behind this, and I won’t get into this, mostly since the one screaming “knock off” is usually actually the one doing the “knock offs”, but not always true. Both Audley and Aoda do produce original designs, and in many cases will license those designs to others.

So, it seems Audley is stepping up their game and doing what they can to earn more respect. Good for them!

At worlds Marcus said the ares would retail for $180, but he was selling them for $120

Ah, the Worlds special deals!

Looks like an auto-pass on this model for me. But that’s just me talking. I’d rather get the next offering from Square Wheels(or next 2) instead, even if the total is higher.

At the same time, $180 isn’t that bad if it’s something that works really well for you. No way I’m droppng that kind of cash unless I get to spend a few hours with it before I buy.

I believe I recall reading an interview with Marcus saying he got into yoyoing because of audley’s anime. (Don’t hold me to this). So it seems being with them now is appropriate I just wish he hadn’t branded himself so much with turning point, oh well. Good for audley though, they now have a good champ to flagship their company.

I have a question. Is it “Audley” or “Auldey”?