Marcus Koh

Who is he officially sponsored by? Turning Point or Audley?

I don’t know, but he’s awesome.

Used to be on TP but he left to Auldey.

Auldey is one of the biggest toy manufactures in China and got him a full time job doing yo-yoing which is something that a small company like TP would never be able to do for him, so it was a great opportunity for him and I’m pretty sure he left TP on a very good note.

^ thanks for clearing that up. I knew he had 2 signature models with each company. Good for him, I hope he likes it there.

Yes, Marcus is my friend and I have his 2 signature yoyos. One is Auldey Ares from 2012 and Auldey magnum from 2013. Both yoyos are sooo good its on my top 2.


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Lol, I thought the same thing

Hahahahaha. I forgot to update it, but if you know me I used only Magnum and Ares for my videos and Zorro’s contest recently.