Marcus Koh!!!

Alot of you guys probably forgot about him, when he did not compete in the WYYC this year. However he is going to rock this year. This is his new video!

I haven’t forgot! He’s my favorite yoyoer. I just love his style and tricks. Been keeping up to date on his videos.


I haven’t forgotten him, but rather anticipating his return to the competition season

100% not true

  1. He won 2011 WYYC
  2. He won 2nd at 2012 WYYC
  3. HE WAS ABSENT FROM 2013 WYYC. Because of this, nobody talks about him. It’s really a shame.

Interesting to see how Koh’s style has changed.

Dang, he has a huge bald spot.

Marcus Koh is awesome. He’s the reason why I started yoyoing. I stumbled upon one of his videos on accident.

Wow, is it just me, or has his style changed a ton since he won Worlds…