This....isnt happening...


Marcus koh left turning point…What???


I think that happened well before Worlds.

I think he’s sponsored by Audley now. I could be wrong. My memory isn’t what it… what were we talking about? Just kidding. I think I read somewhere on YYE he’s on Audley now and was playing his new signature throw to take 2nd at Worlds.

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Old news.


This…isnt happening…

I don’t understand why it’s people who are not involved who overreacts and blows things out of proportion. If anyone should make a big deal when there’s things like these happening, it should be just the player and the company involved.

…and why does it seem like it’s a big deal in the first place?

To answer your question, yes…he’s no longer with Turning Point and has since aligned himself with Auldey. However, his relationship with TP is still good that he’ll still sell TP yoyos [and that’s what Marcus said].



Its a message board. You know… to start topics about yoyoing.


When I found out my world turned upside down too. It was like everything was exactly the same as before except Marcus Koh was throwing a different brand of yoyo.

On a related note, has anyone seen his new sig throw, the Ares, up close. What’s the deal with that wheel-like thing in the cup? Is it an extra bit of metal or plastic, or just anodised a different colour so it looks like that.


Knowing Audley, it’s probably a bit of plastic lol.

I hoping it’d be a reasonable price, but since it’s got MKs name on it, I guess they’re going to charge $180…


we kinda already talked about this.

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i played the ares at worlds it was really good, played a lot like most turning points lol, and i think he said it will be in the $120 area


This… isn’t happening…

We made another one of these threads… What???

But seriously, why is it a big deal who throws for who? As long as they’re still throwing, that’s alright with me.


Or not throwing, who gives a damn. Go play your own yoyos.


Yup. Pretty much.

I mean, the sun came up today, We’re all still breathing. Trivial things such as “who dropped out of the scene, who jumped brands” isn’t exactly “earth shattering news”.




It’s a curious little locking piece to hold the yoyo together. I saw him fiddling with it in his hands while I spoke to him at Worlds. Pretty nifty, but I’m heard that they can be difficult to reassemble because of it.


no, thats Hiriyoki Suzuki. :stuck_out_tongue:




i think a lot of people do … otherwise … sponsorship and name brands of yo-yos would be pointless

and good idea … i will go play with my own yo-yos lol