What's to come of yo-yos in 20 years?

What will happen in 20 years? Will OG Peaks and Torrents be worth thousands or nothing? Will these yo-yos be the treasure in the back of your closet? What do you guys think?

Well, yoyos have been ever growing in these last few years. It has really evolved from a hobby into a large community. I think it’s going to grow even more. I hope that yoyoing evolves into something more vast, almost like this wibbily wobbily yoyoey thing that exists, and you can talk to like 7/10 people about yoyos and they’ll know what you’re talking about.

To sum it up, yoyoing will get bigger, better, and more fun than ever.

I think he means the yoyos themselves.

20 years is a LONG time. In 10 years I’d like to think I will have a few favourites that I’ve kept either to play or as treasures in the back of my closet, while selling for cheap or giving away the rest to people who will use them and enjoy them.

In 20 years? I will hopefully still have at least one yoyo and know how to play it a little bit, taking it out to chuck around for the young people in my life… maybe not my grandchildren yet (my oldest will only be 24) but whoever else is in my life. :wink:

The majority of the people in this forum will hopefully have different closets in twenty years (not in their parent’s house) but if anyone is buying yo-yos and storing them in the closet as an investment, I would advise against it. It’s not that hard to poke around and see what happened over the years with yo-yos. Unless you can figure out what the sentimental favorite is going to be, you aren’t going to get thousands of dollars for your pristine throws.
However, if you want to give me thousands of dollars for any of the yo-yos I bought twenty years ago, I’ll hook you up with free strings too.

What Kevin said. When I said treasures, I meant sentimental value. Without a weird fluke of wackiness, none of the yoyos we buy right now are going to be worth more than their original retail value in 20 years.

i think we’ll start recycling them. seriously…how many tons of aluminum are out there not getting thrown? do you really think that this industry can keep pumping out the number of yoyos that it does and not saturate the market? at some point it all has to stop. yoyos will not get any better than they are right now. Fanboys and collectors are just amassing large quantities of usable resources. at some point, (maybe 20 years from now) a lot of those aluminum yoyos will be worthless to collectors. so, put thought into what you purchase; consider the impact on the earth: where will most of these yoyos end up in 20 years, 30, 50, 100…

Please consider the impact your production has on the environment.


as a family man, i know the value of space. if you have 20-50 cubic feet of space devoted to yoyo storage, (“storage” because they are not getting played), why not devote that space to something much more worthy: ie. your parents photo albums, recipes from your great grandmother(sorry, i grew up in New Orleans). argument being: there are far better uses for the space, because…in X number of years, the majority of your collection will be worthless(except as a renewable resource).

maghee, you are a little late to the party. yo-yo sales these days are dwarfed by sales in the ‘good old days’.
why don’t you pick on electronic toys instead, the computer or smart phone you are posting from is a way bigger slap in the face to mother nature. it’ll be total garbage in a few years, i’ll still be spinning my no-jive though.

because i’m posting in a yoyo forum and not an “electronic toys” forum. i’m just suggesting that people take into consideration what is going to happen to those unloved throws. by the way, what sort of device are you posting from, a stone tablet?

and if Big Brother should come beating down my door demanding all of my aluminum, i will still have my wood throws. no worries.

almost (by todays standards) i’m posting from a desktop because i’m old.
if it makes you feel better i do feel guilty about all the electronics i have, although i try to get the most out of most of them before they become obsolete.
i just don’t quite understand the shout out to yo-yo manufacturers about excessive consumption in the toy world, the electronics world, or any other world.
besides, one man’s landfill is another man’s treasure. some of these pre-date the home computer boom, and they’re going lots stronger than most toys from 15 or 20 years ago.

I love every single one of my throws. No aluminum is wasted, ever. Each one represents an idea that some person has turned into a reality that we all enjoy.