What's the easiest and hardest non-mount/non-bind trick you've learned so far?

Easiest I’ve learned so far is Mach 5

Hardest I’ve learned so far is what I’m working on for a few hours now trying to master it, The Zipper.

Easiest Trick: The breakaway. If you don’t consider that a trick, then double or nothing.

The Hardest Trick (By a whole lot): Pyjama Man from Cabin Turorials. I worked on that for months off and on until I eventually got past the 1st two elements. I thought that the first whip that puts you in a 1 and a half mount would definitely be the hardest. It took a while to get that down, but whip after the 1 and a half mount was stupid hard to figure out from watching the video. Once I got past the second whip I finished the trick in a day. So I guess that technically my hardest tricks were both whips to mounts, but part of the overall trick.

As for your question, I would say 5 a tangle flair tricks.
Everything you guys mentioned are mounted tricks.
I was thinking you where asking about tricks like fallow, or pin wheel where the yoyo is neither mounted nor being setup for a bind.

Hardest: 7 consecutive RIB stoles on a Duncan Imperial.

Fixed axle Spirit Bomb.

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