What's the definition of pogs. Im lost

Ya. haha

The removable plastic caps in YYJs and other yoyos.

I think it refers to the plastic and/or paper decorative circle/disc that goes under the cap.

I do think this would extend to the side covers/caps for some YYJ’s, Freakhands/FH2’s and similar.

I think in the case of something like the ONE, it would be the cardboard disc UNDER the clear plastic cap.

Pogs are simply caps.

Oh lol. Thanks guys! I thought it stands for something like


The term comes from way way back in time before most of you were born. Read all about it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pogs

I remember playing games with them in the Philippines about 7 years ago. Haha

Oh jeez am I that old?

Time flies…

They used to be really popular in Mexico when I was very little. I remember last year when I was [equivalent in mexico to] a sophmore, some kids where still playing with them at my school. I used to play them when I was in elementary school. They used to come in Lays chips bags. Mucha Lucha was the series that came out when I still played with them, more recently WWE. They were called “Tazos” in mexico