Anybody play pog?


What is pog? Never heard of it.


This? or This?


The one on the left.


No I don’t.




The game is where you use pogs and try to flip over your opponents pogs by throwing your pogs at their pogs, right?




There was a time when POG ran my life. I guess that was around 95-97. I must have had 15 of those pringle tubes full, but slammers were always the most intriguing. I remember a friend of mine’s dad actually had the facilities to cast metal on a small scale, so we went through a few iterations of our own design (with tons of help from him, we were around 10). It was simple aesthetically, but the 3 final protos that we came out with were the envy of the playground.

…until it was banned because it was “gambling”. I still have a few of the more valuable ones around somewhere, including a mint, unplayed series 1, number 1 from the actual drink cap with a staple in it. Doubt it’ll ever be worth anything, but it doesn’t take up much space.


I found the pog series one and two for $1 a pack. Is that a good deal?




lol i havnt heard anything of these for like 15 years lol i used to have literally thousands