FH2 Pog removal

Is it possible to remove the Pogs on the FH2? I have a vertigo FH2 that I dont wanna damage but I want to move around the axle. Google didnt bring any results so I ask the wisest I know. You

Just unscrew the yoyo and push on the bolt. The cap should just pop out. After, take the bolt (not in the yoyo half) and push in on the nut side to pop that cap out. Watch your nut though, it could fall/fly out.

But wont it rip? Mine doesnt have plastic caps, it had some type of flexible sheet on it, and I dont want to damage it. I plan on removing the bolt for a longer bolt to install Pro Z Mod Spacers on it.

Those caps are pretty tough, should just pop out.

Yeah, they are some sort of plastic, not paper or cardboard. They should take a little bit of pressure before popping out.

Use a suction cup, same as one would use on most YYJ yoyos. Wet it first. Works great.

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