PSG caps

Do they come out? I am ordering the 4-pack once YYE gets another shipment. Just want to know so I don’t waste my time trying if they don’t. And I don’t want to break the yoyo (haha ::)). So if anyone knows, please tell me. Thanks.

They are held in by flowable silicone.

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They do indeed come out. To get the one on the half of the yoyo without the axle, take the bearing out and screw it back together as far as it will go. To get the other half out press down on the axle quite hard, or if yours is super stuck like mine, take a little screwdriver and wedge it in there, thenpush on the yoyo and wiggle the screwdriver. I did this so I could take the silicone out, because they do it rather sloppily and thats why some are vibey. Take something, get all the silicone off, and then secure it back with a bit of CA glue