Duncan Hayabusa Caps

does anyone know how to take caps of a hayabusa. I got one cap off by shoving the axle and popping it off but I do not know how to get the other one since the axle seems to not come out. Is there any way to get a cap off?

Take the axle out of the axle half, screw it into the nut and pop the cap off like you did the first side.

I would but the axle wont come out.

I just saw how I read over that. Sorry.

Try suction cups or using a pin as a lever to pry it out. Or, find an M4 bolt and pop it out as I said earlier.

wedge a knife inbetween the cap and yoyo and pop it out

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Hm, I’m just wondering why the axle won’t come out. If you did the axle method on the axle side of the yoyo, it must mean it moved at least enough to shove the cap out. Does it not move any more than that?