hayabusa help....

are there special ways to take off the haya caps cause i tried using a suction cup and it didnt work.

Please be specific, Normal Hayabusa?, SL?, Clear?

Try spoon, I think it will work.


umm does the type even have to do anything with the caps??and all hayas specs are the same except the rims…anyways mine is normal

I really don’t think that the caps are removable. From what I’ve seen, they look like they’re glued on or something. You can try duct tape, and if that doesn’t work, you might wanna try the knife.

Why do you wanna remove them anyway?

But I don’t think its meant to be removed.

hmm yes but i think alot of people remove haya caps…do u know any other ways to remove it???

There’s a trick that (I think) works with all capped Duncans (Except the Mg).

What you do is, you take the side with the axle, and press the axle against a table, or something hard. The cap should pop out, along with the axle. Put the axle on the other side of the yo-yo and repeat.

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Wow, never knew about this, always thought it was only for 720’s. Thanks ;D

Like the FHZ, this should have removable caps. You could do the old axle pop-off or you could try to get something under the cap and pry it off.

Now while I forgot to press the post button, iRon posted the pop-off method. Now that method can actually crack the cap if you do it the wrong way. You should not try to slowly press the cap out. If you do so, you might risk cracking your caps. Now this might sound counter-intuitive, but you should slam the axle onto something hard. And then I mean slam. You have to give the cap room to pop out though. And again, this may sound weird and I think it sounds really risky, but Kyo seems to know what he’s doing:


Wow, that actually sounds logical-er than doing it slowly :o

Wow, I never knew that. Thanks Pheenix, I’ll keep that in mind next time.

Cool…it sounds logical.Im gonna give it a try when i get home…btw will the axle also pop off along with the axle???If it doesnt pop along how do you take off the other sides cap??? Thanks guys!!!

I’ll quote the whole thing:


Or you can just take a sharp object and pry them out. I think the first couple of replies to this thread are… Not very helpful at all, and those users should probably try some more yoyos before giving out advice. I use a point of a compass to pry them out. Never damaged a cap and they still go back clean.

One time I dropped my hayabusa sl while doing off-string and one of the caps popped off.

oh and btw since hayabusa have 3 responses(the 3 dot thingy,silicone and friction sticker) i was wondering if we need to silicone that 3 dot thingy

nope. i use 1 sili sticker with mismatched spacers