what's the best yoyo $90 or under?

hey guys I’m an advanced thrower my best yoyo is a dv888 and was wondering what’s a better throw for under $90

i will rate how important a stat is from 1-5, 1 being doesn’t matter i just prefer that 5 being it must be like that

response:dead unresponsive-5
response system:any thing but hybrid-2.5
shape:any thing but H shape-2.5

Too many to list.

Yeah, like I AM TH… whoa! Name Change? When did that happen?

Anyway, some yoyos that come to mind are Genesis, Severe, and Superstar.

no offense, but that didn’t really help that much :frowning:

._. the “i”

Who me? Sorry, here is a better recomendation.

After looking closely at your preferences I think you should really look into the Dna. Its Oversized, not and H shape (rounded butterfly), dead responsive, and does not have a hybrid response (K-Pad). The only con is that it has a weight of 63 grams which is a little light, but not seriously light like the speed maker. Look at Yuuki play with it in his video at the shop, I think you would really like it.

Hope I was more useful.

Kei, you are helpful. I think it was… the man… lol so akward. Icky is wicked helpful too, I guess its just because he didn’t list any.

Oh. Oh well, hope I was a was little more helpful anyway. :slight_smile:

if you own a dv888 then that is one of the best throws for under 90 right there, get a protostar for under 40

kei really that did help :slight_smile:
but DNA is 120$

Go to the shop, click on the price range you want.

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batryn oh… thanks

You won’t get a better yoyo, only more expensive/different.

Icthus, I mean “The Man!” (lol), is right though.

Kei, he said small/medium and medium/heavy weight, not big and light. Just saying…

Whoops! My bad, lol.

The Project 2, they should have more for sale next week on their website.

Excellent yoyo :wink:

888x, dv888, boss, atmosphere are the throws that I can think of :stuck_out_tongue:

i found one, gorllya by hspin