What's the best overall yo-yo string color?

(ZAC) #41

I got some YYSL type x in the yye color. I put it on my YYE edition Windrunner. For me, it is aesthetically pleasing. It is a little difficult to follow in low light settings tho.

(G2 Jake) #42

I used to be team yellow. But white
Just looks so good with all yo-yos.


I like white but it gets dirty fast. Main downside. It is a classic other than that.

(ChrisFrancz) #44

I prefer white due to the visibilty and traditional look. I prefer solid darker color yoyos and white really stands out but I get freaked out about graying finger loops so in between whites I use neon yellow.

({John15}) #45

Maybe wash and dry your hands before you play? I don’t ever really have a problem with my string getting visibly dirty.


Yeah I make a conscious effort to try to get other colors to work, and sometimes they do, but probably 60 or 70% of the time, I end up going with white.

(YoYoStringLab) #47

I’ve got a white string on a deep purple and black yoyo, and the combo looks great.
For pure eye candy (at the expense of some visibility), I really like Ann Connolly’s Night Life, especially on a black throw. It has so much going on.
Overall, though, I go with a high visibility Neon Yellow or Lemon Lime string. Even so, I’m much happier with a little variety to keep things fun and interesting.

(G2 Jake) #48

I like fresh string so I guess that doesn’t bother me.


Just wanted to note I got a brown string in trade and… that’s a first for me :wink:

I think I will pair it with this yoyo … which I do own, I got it for my son



I used to always like yellows. I’ve been using mostly white other than on giveaway yoyos.

(ChrisFrancz) #51

Clear, nearly invisible string is what I really want. I sometimes throw with no string at all and boy, does it up my game.


I can imagine