Looking for a good boutique string

No such thing as best in this hobby, and you didn’t give us much to go on.

There is no best, but I must say Crocostrings are pretty darn good. Coming from not only me, but my testers too.

Oh, and also twisted stringz.

Jake Elliot’s/ Grand Rapid Yoyos Strings are amazing. They outplay almost everything out there IMO. I should have a review up this weekend about them.

BYYS has been a long time favorite. GRYC is close behind.

I definitely favor Toxic Strings. For me they have the best durability. Only problem being they have a wide selection and finding what works for you and your yoyo setup can be a hassle.

I sell variety packs for $4.00 within those packs are two of every type of my string 12 strings in total. I made the variety packs so you wouldn’t have to spend a bunch of money to try different strings.

Toxic string has officially shut down


I think crocostrings are pretty amazing. I haven’t played many high end strings but to me crocostrings are like perfect and they last forever.

YYSL is pretty good

They just released there new string, and there Facebook is still active.

I personally love the strings that i make, and it is cheaper than kitty.

I make a couple of strings that are nylon/poly, which are soft and whippy. I also make some poly/rayon strings which are whippy, and keep tension amazingly.

Of what I’ve tried, Epic Strings magic threads. Soooooo soft yet they still have good whipping speed, great tension holding abilities, and they last a long time too.

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Toxic hasn’t shut down AFAIK. You might be thinking of Twisted Stringz, which are going to be back in action due to a new partnership with Zeekio as far as I understand.

My favourite small-run strings are probably Unknown Jackalopes… he replaced them with Annihilators which I have yet to try… those might end up being my new favourites. :wink:

Epic Strings … gah, can’t remember the format name… are Epic when you want a bit more stiffness (vs. the Jackalopes)… there’s a place for both kinds of strings in my arsenal!

Thanks for the credit! But i have not replaced them, you will be happy to see that they will be making another appearance in my updated sales thread.