favorite homemade string producer


so what is your favorite homemade string company. i would like to know


Dead Threads. His nylon is extremely smooth on your fingers and lasts a really long time.


toxic strings :wink:


Mine ;D


Big Yoyo Strings. He’s on the forum. His user is “Big Yoyo”. Quality string, affordable price. Ive been a tester for his prototype strings, they’re awesome! So whippy, yet soft on the hands! Check him out :wink:



Excuse my ignorance, but how does a “company” produce “homemade” string.
Either it’s homemade, or a company produces it.

Maybe the question should be “favorite homemade string producer


Toxic. Specifically Dragon strings. Best strings there are in my opinion. I used one pack of tens strings for well over three months. Seriously. And I probably could have made them stretch even longer.


Oh thanks man! Haha I’m glad you enjoy those.


i love those string so much

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Toxic snakes




Gstring. Paul has been making home brew string for many moons. Great quality stuff.


Big Yoyo strings I attempted to make my own but the string was too short and was too soft


Really appreciating the love from everybody, Thanks!

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Man I need to get my hands on some big yoyo string!


Hit me up, I could hook you up with a sample pack



i’ve used most of the other string on the market - people have given me samples here and there. but i always come back to g-string.

g-string seems softer and more pliable to me. the quality is unmatched, imho. the various formats, color options and custom work g-string offers is unparalleled. the longevity of the string is unreal - a PX, noly or bnc g-string will last me many many months. but of course, everyone’s preference and play is dif-ferent.

and lastly, the way paul runs his business is efficient, dependable and professional. i started out on g-string 5+ years ago, and have never looked back.

before the rest…still the best - g-string.



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As the honorary member of Dead Threads, I approve this message! :wink:


wow there is a lot of string “producers” :wink: also, if you are a starting string company, you could post here to advertise your string! :slight_smile: