What's On The Other Side

Ok this is kind of hard to explain I have a free hand two and when you take off the caps one side is connected by a bolt axel but when I got it the other side didn’t have anything…Does anyone know what is suppose to be on the otherside. Because right now it seems stripped and its unable to play because the sides just fall apart thanks

You might try looking HERE

sorry about that

I had to get some replacements. When you find the size, they sell them at Lowes

i take my axle and just find a nut that fits on it, and vise versa.

Actually most any neighborhood hardware store sells them. And yes, it’s best to take the axle along to make sure you got the right one.

is that all I am missing though?

The duncan axle on the FHZ, FH2 and most of their other plastics is a bolt with a nut on the other end. If you have the bolt all you need is the nut, unless it’s striped then get both.

if I do that the only way to unscrew the fh2 would be take off the nut right ? I feel like I am missing something

That’s the way it works. There’s a recess in each half that holds either the nut or the screw head on the axle screw. The caps fit close enough that they hold the nut and the screw in place. There’s never a need to remove the caps or touch the nut It all stays in place. If your caps are missing a small piece of tape over the recess will work, Some people use the center piece that you remove from duncan stickers to hold the nut and screw in.