FreeHand 2 axle

Can anyone tell me what size bolt to use as a replacement axle for a FH2 (Steve Brown edition, not the new recessed one)? Looks like my son might have bent the axle slightly, as the two halves wobble when being screwed together, and the bearing (cleaned & lightly lubed) sounds noisy & vibes when on the yoyo, but not when spun on a pencil with a compressed air can. I also might want to try the drill method to recess it, and wouldn’t want to crush the threads.

Along the same lines, the cardboard caps on his are slightly convex, and he’s crushed one in. Any good way of getting them out without destroying them. I’ve seen the suggestion to push in with both thumbs on one side, but that’s not working.

Thanks in advance

All Duncan yo-yos that I am aware of use an M4-.7 bolt or setscrew. It will obviously be a bolt in the case of the FH2. Lengths vary by model so I suggest bringing the old one in to compare lengths.

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The cardboard caps can be taken off with a suction cup, that’s how I did with mine.

Hope this helps ;D

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