Stripped Axle Duncan Style

Hey guys! I was recently learning some offstring tricks when, as is inevitable with these sorta tricks, I popped my yo-yo straight up and failed to catch it back on the string. :-\ It hit the ground pretty hard but the exterior seems to be completely intact. However, when I pulled the yo-yo apart to take a look at it, it became apparent that half the threads on one side of the axle are now completely stripped. The yo-yo itself is a secondhand Duncan Hayabusa, that a friend gave me. Since it was a gift and I don’t play off-string too often I’m kind of just looking for a quick fix (on top of that I’m broke). Everything else on the yo-yo looks to be fine and still in working condition. Oddly enough its just the axle that’s messed up. I’ve already tried some Loc-tite and super glue but these seem only to work for a small period of time before the yo-yo just pulls apart again. I was thinking maybe a shim of some sort would tighten the gap a bit. Any suggestions?

Duncan’s use a simple bolt/nut axle system. what you want to do is pop the caps off and replace the bolt and axle with another. Its that simple. just get them out of the yoyo, hit up the hardware store or you work shop and replace it with one the same size.
You can pop the caps off by pushing the axle through the hole till the cap pops out. There are lots of threads and tutorials on how to do this here and on youtube. Look up “popping fhz caps.” or “removing freehand zero caps.” or some combo of those. good luck.

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He said he is broke, but the Axel’s that Duncan’s take for me at lowes are .75 for 2.

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Thanks! I think I’ll see if Home Depot has what i’m looking for.