Stripped yoyo half.

I have a duncan echo. I like the play and one side is stripped how can I get this fixed?

just loctite the axle into the stripped half

A temporary fix would to super glue the axles into the striped half, vibe is likely but it will still play. Or you can contact Landon Balk and he charges I think $20 to fix it.

Thanks gents.

$20 fix from the forum member here Landon Balk. PM him, his username is 3YO3

If you have had it for a short period of time you might get a new half from the store or ducan. But if you have had it a while its your fault most likely.

And last would be a temp fix, superglue (or other stuff like loctite) the axle into the stripped half…

You do realize you we’re ninja’d :P.

No i wasnt. I combined it all XD

The $20 is more than its worth considering the cost of the yoyo originally though