broken dna

Hey, i have a dna where the axle snapped and its in both halves. I dont know how to fix this or what to do. What modder can take them out and perhaps rethread the holes where the axle fits. Let me know and what the pricing would be. Its a bgrade dna.

If its probably gonna be more than $25 than would a modder like to just buy it from me? Let me know what your offer is. Im not gonna ask for much. There is like one tiny ding on it and other than that its just flaws from the ano job.

Step one
Use pliers to get the axle out of the halves.

Step two
Buy a new axle.

Should take no more than 5 min to get the axle out and it shouldn’t take long to buy a suitable set screw.

That won’t work since the axle snapped in half while the yoyo was being screwed together. You will have to get a hub mod done, because of the hubstacks, the post won’t be able to be tapped for a larger axle.

i can fix the dna for you for free
you pay shipping

Oh, I thought it was just half an axle in each half. Oops. Maybe I should read more carefully. :wink:

no, i think you were right wildcat. There are two axle halves stuck in each yoyo half. its like a cave in on both yoyo halves.

Yoyoexpertman said he can fix it, but im not entirely sure why hed want to do it for free?

It might not need to be rethread if it is carefully drilled out on a drill press. Find a drill bit that is slightly smaller in diameter than the axle and it should start breaking up so that you can dig it out with tweezers are pliers. Rethreading is tricky though; you should avoid this if at all possible. Rethreading will mean a slightly larger hole will be made, meaning a slightly larger axle will be needed, and if the threads are not remade exactly, precisely perpindicular to the bearing seat you will get a vibey piece of junk.