Broken axle stuck in one half

So I was yoyoing, and I heard the yoyo unscrewing, so I stopped to screw it back in. As I screwed it in, I guess I twisted the axle in half. It was offstring, so I guess it was near the breaking point. I got one of the axle halves out, but the other is pretty deep in. Any idea how to get it out?

picture of the demage?

We have had succes fixing this issue. Just drill a hole in the axle with a drill press, a drill may work but may be more difficult to center on such a small piece. Once you have the hole it is usually easy to get it out with a reverse drill bit or even a torx bit (the star looking things).

I would recommend trying that or contacting the retailer you purchased it from. If you bought it from us (guessing you may not have ;)) then we would fix it for free.

Good Luck!


Thanks. I’ll have to find someone with a drill press.

I actually got the yoyo from my sponsor, so I could get another one, but I don’t want to needlessly throw away a yoyo, and I probably couldn’t get it before I leave for nats anyway.

Hey, i have a drill press… I might be able to help! PM me!