I have a DNA but I stripped it is it broke for good

I have a DNA I stripped it and now it still throws but is fully responsive. Is there anyway to fix it. Are what should I do.

Clean the bearing, check the bearing recess for any debris (a cotton swab with a bit of rubbing alcohol should get it nice and clean), and perhaps replace the response pads. Either with more pads, or flowable silicone.

I’ve done it I even put a brand new bearing kk in it nothing works its stripped is there anyway to fix that?

Explain “stripped”. Did you strip the axle threads or strip the finish off?

I stripped the axle threads, and I think I stripped the inside of the yoyo, and I love my DNA but can’t really play in anymore. Is there anyway to fix it

If you stripped the yoyo half you can send it to Landon balk. He goes by 3yo3 here. He can fix it. If you striped the axle itself you can just order a new one.

Can you get him to message me I really wanna fix it

Find him here: List of Trustworthy Modders

I just had a TA-1 that was stripped on the inside and Landon was able to fix it right up, good price too. I highly recommend Landon.

How much did he charge ya???

normally a stripped yoyo doesn’t play responsive, it just doesn’t screw together so it seems like you have a different problem

What could it be?

I’ve changed bearing and all so what else could it be

did you clean the bearing
check the bearing seat for debris
and replace the response?

You initially said you stripped it. What was the indication of that? What changed your mind? Comments made here? If it’s stripped AND responsive you need to get the “stripped” issue dealt with before you work on the “responsive” part.

I do believe its stripped. I had my dad look at it and he thought the inside threads were stripped

Check the List Of trustworthy Modders.