Duncan Dragonfly Axle?


Hi everyone.
I have had my duncan dragonfly for about 6 months. A while ago, I accidentally stripped the axle, and the yoyo did not screw together.
How do I remove the axle bolt from the yoyo? I took the rubber plug out, but i couldn’t figure out how to take the axle out. Also, if you know where the replacement axles are sold, please tell me :slight_smile:

I was thinking of using this, too.



Once you have removed the rubber bits all you have to do is push the bolt and nut out. Go to the hardware store and look for an M4 x .7 bolt and nut. Then buy the bolt of the correct length.

(MikeMonty) #3

I’ve had a lot of trouble getting the axle out of Dragonfly’s lately, I have a feeling that in the latest run all the axles were pressed in by a machine. I’ve found that if you hold the hub of the yo-yo in the palm of your hand having the axle faced out and away from your palm, and you press the yo-yo axle onto a hard surface (since your trashing the axle afterwards just use a sidewalk, cement, etc.) you can usually get it to pop out.

Note: I’ve really slammed the yo-yo before the get the axle out and stabbed the palm of my hand when the axle popped out, consider wearing a leather glove. :slight_smile: Best of luck!


I didn’t know that, MikeMonty. My older Dragonfly isn’t like that. You could set the yo-yo on top of something that will allow the axle to fall out and then tap the axle with a hammer.


ok, thanks :slight_smile:
I tried it earlier with a table, it left a small dent…off to the sidewalk, lol…