My Axel broke, :-(

I have a Duncan Metal Drifter that is really nice and i love because my uncle gave it to me before he past away. I have been practicing after he died because he wanted me to be a “pro”, but while i was practicing i have notice that i can’t screw the yo-yo together, it keeps going in circles. Friends say it was just the axle and just replace it, but i can’t find out were to buy one or how to fix it. Please help!

If nothing is broken it is just a known problem with the axle system on the Drifter. There is a space between the head of the bolt and the screw-on cap that holds it in place and the same issue with the nut on the other side. What I did for mine is unscrew the small metal caps on the side of the yo-yo. You shouldn’t need any tools for this as they should be fairly easy to unscrew with you fingers. And place a very small wadded up piece of paper on top of the nut and the bolt head. Then tightly screw the caps back on. The small piece of paper fills the gap between the bolt/nut and and cap and pushes them out so that they can engage correctly.

If the axle broke, contact Duncan. See if they would replace it or not.

If you can’t get it figured out, I can get the old axle out and replace it w/ a new one. If you’re interested PM me.