Stubborn Axle

Well, I’ve been having problems with my raptor. First of all, the inside of the yoyo’s threads were stripped. I can’t screw it in. So, after that, I tried the superglue trick, and it didn’t work, so I took the superglue out, and the axle is messed up. I decide that I am going to get a new axle and just send it to a modder to have it fixed. But, when I go to remove the axle, where the hex key goes in, the key does not fit. The shape of the hole is circular, and I can’t seem to take it out with pliers no matter how hard I hold it. Any tips? If you could also send me a link where I can get an axle that fits the Duncan Raptor, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance! :smiley:

EDIT: Got the axle out by putting it in the front of a drill and making the drill spin counter clock wise. The only thing I need to find now is an axle and a modder who can fix it for me.

sounds like your in a bad way. Try sticking the yoyo in the freezer for a while then get a good grip on the yoyo with something rubber and put the pliers on the axle the cold should help.

fellavader - Did you bother reading the whole post before posting??

Contact Duncan. I heard they give out free stuff for problems like these.