Duncan Raptor Stripped Axle

Hey guys. Unfortunately I stripped my Duncan Raptor’s axle after a hard bang on the floor. Does anyone know if any of the YoyoJam or Yoyofactory axles sold here will fit the Raptor? If not, is there any way I can replace it? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Are you absolutely sure you stripped the axle and not the yoyo half? I’m not doubting you it’s just stripping the half is more common.

I was wondering that as well, but the threads on the actual axle ripped off. I actually have a looper that has an axle that is the same width, but it is much longer. I tested screwing it into both sides of the Raptor and they both seemed fine. That led me to believe that a replacement axle should work.

ok thanks. There is a lot of people who will just go to a hardware store with the original axle and a get a set screw that’s the right width. If you can get the right length do it. By you can cut it as long as you’re very very careful.

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