duncan raptor axle stripped

hey, does anyone know the axle size of the duncan raptor?

mine just stripped and i’d rather just go to home depot or whatever and get a few new ones for less than a buck instead of waiting a week

If it is like all of the other Duncan yo-yos, which it most likely is, it will use an M4 x .7mm setscrew. Take your Raptor with you just to make sure the one you buy fits. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to compare length to the one you stripped.

Hurts my heart…


hey guys, problem fixed, MRCNJA was right. but i think i might have gotten an axle 1mm too long.

but i’m happy that i can still use my raptor again, i just finished polishing it and it looks so sick

I had the same problem, so I just got an m4 sized metric screw from Home Depot and sawed off the screw bit and then filed it to perfect size. My other problem was that I think I stripped the axle seat, I cried.

Seeing this thread I had to get out my caliper and duncan raptor. The axle is 5/16th inches long, or somewhere between 7.97 to 8.01mm in metric length.