How do things like this happen

Ok so I haven’t touched my panda in a while and now I want to throw It and look. Anyone know what size axle it is so I can replace?

What happened?

It is stripped, i haven’t thrown it in a while and now it’s stripped. “How Do Things Like This Happen” get it? There is a picture.

You probably stripped it the last time you used it.

Duncans of that type use an M4 bolt. That’s 4 mm x .7 pitch.
Length to suit.

exactly make shure u get a hex bolt though

Ok thanks guys!

Having the ability to get a lot of different yoyos come through my hands I can say it may have been a little corroded. I see it more frequently than one may think. A little finger sweat on a steel axle is all it takes. If the axle is a little worn and has been left in the threads for a bit to corrode it can come out looking like that.

What did the threaded end look like?

I only use stainless axles when replacing. Yes stainless can gall but usually when used in stainless to stainless applications. Even the axles that have the black oxide coating are prone to corrosion. A few times in and out and your on your way to bare steel.

BTW not sure if I spelled “gall” right in the above post. Did not come up on my spell check.

Ok thanks! I’m just going to replace.

Got a new one. It is a tad bit longer but doesn’t affect anything. Thanks for your help guys!