Barracuda axle replacement

I’m outside throwing my Barracuda this afternoon on break when it occurs to me my string seems to be a wee bit short. Examination indeed reveals that in fact there is a tangle with an extra loop around the bearing. I proceed, (foolishly I now readily admit), to unscrew my yoyo and when I do the axle takes a Greg Louganis somersault jack knife right down into the depths of the poor excuse for grass we have alongside our office building. I searched on my hands and knees to no avail, it’s lost and gone forever in amongst the jungle of strange plant life which passes for our lawn. (I even went back after work and searched some more. It’s…it’s gone. :’( )

Is there replacement axles for the Duncan Barracuda available anywhere? I tried to steal a couple of axles out of other throws I value less but apparently these things a quite product specific as no other axle would fit correctly. Would it be of any use to go to a hardware store in search of something with the correct threads or would that be just a fool’s errand?

I think I perhaps had heard once upon a time others had experience with the Barracuda’s axle being frustratingly short and prone to loss but maybe I’m recalling conversations about a different product.

Any advice would be much appreciated as this is a YoyoExpert Limited Edition Barracuda and one I treasure highly. What should be my next step?

The hardware store is your friend.

(as a start) I believe Duncan traditionally uses a 4mm x .7mm pitch screw

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We don’t sell duncan replacement axles but YoYoFactory 10mm Axle will fit the Barracuda.

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Thanks so much to both of you fellers for your expert advice. I intend to follow up on both recommendations.

(YoYoExpert Garrett: I screwed one side of my Shutter into one of the Barracuda halves. Son of a Gun, you’re right. It fit. The check is in the mail!)

What’s the diameter and thread pitch on those?

M4 x .7 x 10mm

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what he said

I ordered a few of the 10mm axles this morning, however here’s a curiosity; YoYoFactory says the 10 mm fits both the Shutter and POPStar. Yet the stock axles in my Shutter and POPStar are two different lengths. Might it be that the POPStar actually takes an 8mm axle?

(I am confident the 10mm is the correct choice for the Barracuda.)