Barracuda axle size


Hello everyone! So something happen to the Barracuda axle and I’m in need of a new one. Can someone tell me the size of it and would I be able to find it at Home depot? If not where else will I be able to find it? Thanks in a advances guys


Take it to a hardware store and see what size screw fits. Look for a set screw the same size. If you have to, get a regular screw and cut the head off. Smooth the cut end.


There are many types of threads and within those types there are threads per inch count. You will probably strip your yoyo if you try random axles


Not if you don’t force it. :-/ If it’s not going in easily, it’s the wrong screw.

It’s probably an M4 of some variety. That’s your starting point.


Yep, given that it’s a recent Duncan model M4 is a likely candidate.