What to do with a non playable Duncan Metal drifter?

My metal drifter is severely screwed up, the axle and bearings are messed up and it doesn’t work at all. I have considered just throwing it at the ground or something for kicks, but I was wondering if anyone had any better ideas.

get a replacement axle and bearing?

fix it. if the axle is stripped, get a new one. clean the bearing, or get a new one.
Or try some crazy mods.

I have to wonder what happened to cause all these issues to the metal drifter in the first place.

Short of that, new axle and bearing. Need help? Contact YYE and they’ll advise you as to what to get. It won’t be expensive and if those are truly the only two problems.

However, I think the problem probably lies at the other end of the string. The only way something like that is going to be an issue is if you’re not showing this yoyo(or any other yoyo) some basic respect and care in handling. So, I’d like to know what happened.

donate it: http://www.yoyoskills.com/?p=8300

Smashing it with a hammer might be fun…

Send it to me.

Send it to Icthus with some money. He’ll turn it into something pretty :smiley: