Question about the Duncan Butterfly AL

Can anybody else who owns one of these please confirm whether the axle is removable or not? I recently got one and it doesn’t appear to be removable, but I just want to confirm or see if maybe mine is stuck. Thanks!

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Just took mine apart and can confirm that the axle is removable.



Appreciated! thanks for the reply. I’m going to see what’s up with mine, literally just got it from YYE. I’ll reach out to them if I can’t get it out. I don’t want to damage it, but mine is seriously stuck in there.

You could try putting it in the freezer for a few hours then try to get it out. I’ve also used pliers before, but wrap them in something soft and grippy so they don’t ruin the axle, like if you have a thick rubber band or something.


Oh man thank you so much for posting this - I just tried the freezer method, and wrapped a microfiber towel around the axle and carefully used some pliers. It finally came out, and now seems to be working properly. No damage to the axle either thankfully. Thank you!!!


You’re welcome, glad it helped!


I don’t have this yoyo but is the hole in the end round or hexagonal? If it’s a hex maybe an allen wrench might work?

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