Can anyone help me?

Hey guys, I was recently trying to recess my FH2 when the nut that holds the axle on one side suddenly jumped up and tried running away from me, and disappeared into Posedion’s salty butthole (some dark corner of my room).

Anyone here have a spare nut for a FH2/FHZ? It would really help if anyone had any (especially if you could send me 2-4)

As much as I want to type this without looking like I’m begging, it isn’t working :’(

just go to a hardware store and look for the right sized nut, it’ll only cost you about 50 cents. When a friend of mine stripped the axle on his metal drifter we just went up to home depot and got a replacement axle and bolt, and it only cost about a dollar for both.

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Stock hardware item - Metric nut.
4mm x .7mm

definitely buy an extra one. i bought an extra just for using it as a dummy axle to chuck in my drill, no one likes messed up axles.

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