striped axle

i got a fhz for modding and it worked great!!! but when i was done i realized that the axle was stripped and was no threading into the nut when i screwed it together. ik there is a few ways to fix this, but i wanted to know the best way. we have threadlocker but no teflon tape, does one work better then the other?


if you have an extra regular nut (the one it comes with has a washer to stop it) you can thred it on to the bottom of where its stripped and take it back off, usually this straightens out the threads enough. or go to the hardware store and get a new axle (its just a nut and bolt). but if you cut it with a hacksaw make sure to have a nut screwed on it so when youre done cutting you can unscrew it and it will straighten out anything that may have been damaged during cutting.

i might have to go to like home depot and see if they have anything there. i’ll also get some mineral spirits, and many other things

What colors are on it? What am I talking about? You said you have a striped axle. :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry, couldn’t resist.

You could try the threadlocker if you can actually get the axle into the nut. If not, you should be able to find axles like that at a hardware store. If not, you might be able to get a bolt and cut off the end of it until you get it short enough that it works as a new axle. Note: if you don’t know what you’re doing with that, don’t try it. Have a parent or somebody that knows what they’re doing do it.

Teflon tape or new axle…

I believe those are your better choices.

I’d go with new axle. Easier and less hassle (IMO). ;D

There is absolutely no reason to try anything but a new axle. That is all. Anything else will just turn into another problem.

ok i might try and find some teflon tape but if i cant find any then im guna get a new axle

If it is stripped, teflon tape will only delay the inevitable. Spend the $.30 on a new axle.