Fh2 axel question

I tried to take the axel out of my fh2 and there is like a lip of plastic around the edges, is that normal? And should I just shave it off? Thanks guys

What are you talking about? Are you talking about the axle capture/nut bolt holder?

Probably just flash from the molding, i’d leave it there unless it is causing a problem. You can cut it out with a knife or whatever, but it really isn’t an issue.

Why did you need to take the axle out may i ask?

I wanted to try switching my proz axel into it, but when I got to the axel on the fh2, it seriously won’t budge. Probuly wasn’t a good idea anyways though. But thank you guys very much

The axle in my FH2 is the same size that came with the Pro-Z.