What's next...

I started with a Yomega hot shot, then a dark magic 2, and now I have a yoyofactory 888x. I don’t know how I can improve

Improve what?

The yo-yo?

Code 2?

What do you mean?

Improve yourself?

Practice more n then get a titanium and you will be set!!

Practice. A lot. Between the DM2 and the 888x, technically speaking, if you’re into 1A, you don’t need anything else but way more practice.

I have a large collection but the only thing that helps me is practicing a ton.

You have every yoyo you will really need at the moment and probably for quite a while.
Work hard with what you have. The combination of your yoyos was a wise choice for a good progression of yoyoing and style. Now its just a matter of developing your style and skills.

You’re good to go.


I was looking for a better yoyo, caribou lodge has cool paint jobs, but I love the hubstacks on the 888x, I’m not sure if I need a new yoyo

you don’t need a new yoyo. If you just wanted to get a new yoyo though, (which is very understandable) there are things much better than the 888x at half the price. If you where wanting a new throw, i would suggest getting a OD Burnside. amazing player, amazing price. plays much better than some yoyos priced at 120 plus, and It’s only 85 bucks… highly recommend it, and I’m sure a lot of other people do as well.

How much will you spend?

You are about to experience the unbelievable:

  1. The dark magic II is capable of more than you imagine.
  2. Yoyos more expensive than the ones you have, are only more expensive. Nothing truly makes them better.
  3. Better yoyos than you have, will be those you find that better match your personnal preferences for size, weight, shape, and feel.
  4. Here is the most important for me personally: The player is the single greatest influence on a yoyo’s capabilities. When something isn’t going well be sure to modify the object on the appropriate end of the string.

This ^

It’s not the yoyo, it’s the person.

Look at Ed Haponik.

you don’t need a new yoyo go on to websites like rethinkyoyo.com and highspeedyoyo.com and learn learn learn

as said on the cosby show how do you get to Carnegie hall practice practice practice