What's coming soon?

We’re less than 3 months from the holiday season and manufacturers are hopefully readying new products to get to market before then.  What do you know about that isn’t released yet?  I’ll start the list and maintain it as people add items, give as much details as you know.

  • One Drop - MarkMont Classic - 5 known finishes, released at NYYC
  • One Drop - Benchmark Series 2014
  • CLYW - Scout - “soon”
  • CLYW - more Yetis - coming when they’re assembled and tested
  • CLYW - Puffin 2 restock - 10/9
  • YoYoFactory - Too H.O.T. - released at NYYC
  • YoYoJam - Night Moves 7
  • Werrd - Irony SG
  • Werrd - Plastic Irony
  • Duncan - Triumph

yyj nm7
werrd ironyx irony sg and plastic irony

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2Sickyoyos Queen: second run being restocked soon

This thread is handy

One Drop x General Yo = ???

Yeah, I don’t think anyone (besides OD and General Yo) know anything about that one yet. I wouldn’t count on it for the holidays.

Correct - this is slated for 2015. We are working on Benchmark Series 2014 though.

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Oh yeah! Love the Benchmark series and didn’t know there were more on the horizon!

The Markmont classic has 5 known finishes. Black, clear, blue, mustard, and nickel.

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Production run set sails!

All I know is I’ve got a pile of cash waiting for some of these to release ;D

yyr sputnik, aviator w steel rings,

CLYW has more bonfires in the works, possibly the next restock after puffin 2. I believe G squared is doing another run of Quakes in the nearish future. Also, the new Duncan Triumph is probably releasing soon, I think it released at NYYC? :slight_smile:

The Tropix Spins S-
Oh wait.

Milk 2

I know what your talking about…heheheheheheheh hahahahahahahahahahaha

I’m pretty sure the prize for the video contest is a prototype of that.

Any more details on these?

Not yet :slight_smile: