MarkMont 3

A while ago YYE said that they would not be restocking the MarkMonts and that this was likely the last release. Is OneDrop making a new MarkMont or are they done with this line of yoyos?

It has been said that One Drop will be doing a MarkMont 3…

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Rumor has it Dingo2 is in the works as well. Don’t tell anybody I told you that.

Shhhhh :wink:

I want an M1v2…

To be honest, I know hubstacks are like one drops ‘thing’, but I wish they would do some yoyos like the ‘olden days’ where they just had the little brass thing or whatever in the hub. It looked so cool.

Side effects. Hubstacks are YYF’s thing. On some throws. :wink: